With the lovely warm spring and summer weather approaching, your mind wanders to ALL the fun things you could be doing outdoors! Especially after being stuck inside, trying to find ways to entertain your little one, for what seems like an eternity!


As a mommy to two little humans, my mind shifts towards protection from the sun. Have you tried asking a toddler to keep their sun hat on, whilst they are running around playing?

Yep! The need to lather on sun cream is a battle at best, but it is a MUST.

My daughter suffers from mild eczema and as a result has super sensitive skin. Trying to find a sun cream that does not irritate her skin has been tough. Not because of a lack of products but because of the HUGE choice that is available on the market.

Over the years, I have tried several different brands at different price points. And have narrowed it down to my top 4 go-to sun creams, whether we holiday here or abroad.

Can I mention that I am a mommy that has personally tried these products on my children with no ill-effects. As a precaution, always do a test patch to check for any adverse reactions.

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Which Sun Cream to Use

Nivea Sun Kids Protect & Sensitive Sunscreen Spray with SPF 50+

This works perfectly for the whole family. It rubs in really easily and doesn’t leave those annoying white streaks. I love the fact that it’s a spray, which makes it super easy to cover large areas, especially when your little ones want to play. The only downside was that this sunscreen seemed to dry my daughters’ skin. Not enough to irritate her but I had to add moisturiser.

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Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids Sun Cream Spray SPF 50+

We never go anywhere without this sun cream now. It is reasonably priced compared to others on the market. It applies really easily and both my children have never suffered from sunburn. Again, the spray version is a must as it’s just sooooo easy to apply. The white cream is fairly easy to spread and thick enough to not run.

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Sunsense Kids UVA & UVB Broad Spectrum Lotion SPF 50+

This is hands down my favourite sun cream, especially for my daughters’ sensitive skin. But it does come with a price tag. If your child has super sensitive skin, then give this sun cream a go. The cream is very light and does not leave white marks or a sticky feeling once applied. The only downside, other than price is that it’s a fairly small size, so you would be getting through it quite quickly.

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Soltan Kids Sensitive Protect Spray SPF 50+

This is the Boots own brand but has also worked perfectly for my two. Not only is it reasonable priced, it has a 5 star protection with UVA, the highest it can be. It absorbs in to the skin really easily and does not leave that horrible sticky feeling. However, I did find that it had to be applied every 1-2 hours.

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One to Watch…

Childs Farm Spray on Sun Lotion SPF 50+

I absolutely love the Child Farm bath time products for my daughter, so you can imagine my excitement when I came across this sun lotion recently. It is on my list of products to try…I just need to wait (patiently!) for the sun to make an appearance first. Watch this space for my thoughts on this.

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The Verdict

Out of the four that I have tried, my favourite is the Garnier Ambre Solaire Spray. It is reasonably priced and is readily available, just in case you run short! It lasts a few hours, so you don’t have to re-apply frequently. I like the lotion consistency as you can actually see where you are applying it. And most of all, my daughters’ eczema did not flare up with it, which meant she could enjoy being outdoors.

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