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A hand-picked selection of HotTea Mama tea is the perfect gift for an expectant mum, a new mum or a tea loving mum at any stage of life. Perfect gifts for baby showers, Mother’s Day and even birthdays.

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£ 7.99 £ 6.39
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£ 7.99 £ 6.39
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Milk’s Up Tea

Breastfeeding is amazing, but it’s also really hard. This breastfeeding tea is a carefully crafted caffeine-free herbal blend, jam packed with botanicals that have been used to increase milk supply for millennia. It’s a unique, caffeine-free blend of fennel, nettle, fenugreek seeds, lemon verbena and star anise. These are natural galactagogues which support your milk supply, and taste delicious.

Get Up & Glow Tea

When you need a boost, but caffeine is off the menu, this zingy fruit infusion tea for pregnancy glow, hits the spot. Bursting with tropical tart, sweet flavours, it will have you energised and glowing in no time. We use grapes as the base of this blend.  This means that along with vitamin C, you also get a gentle natural sugar lift.  It’s the perfect way to replicate caffeine in the healthiest way possible.

Morning Rescue Tea

An award-winning tea for morning sickness. Whole leaves of lemon verbena, lemon balm, African mint and lemongrass combine with pieces of root ginger for a soothing cuppa. The gingerols in the ginger are soothing on nausea symptoms, and it is the citral in the lemon ingredients that have a similar effect. We only use whole leaf ingredients to ensure that it is as gentle as possible on your stomach.  In comparison to dust and paper tea bags, our biodegradable tea bags, release fewer tannins into a brew, ensuring it is less likely to aggravate your tummy. Blended to be 100% safe for pregnancy.

Newborn Wonder Tea

The perfect tea for any tea-loving new mama. Anti-oxidant rich white tea and whole rose buds create a soothing, rejuvenating blend. White tea is high in both caffeine and theanine. Whilst the caffeine level is higher than a normal builders brew, the theanine gives it a slow release effect. Rosebuds have been used for millenia to ease menstrual cramps, and can help with any pain post-labour.

Night Owl Tea

For all the late nights, early mornings and broken sleeps…this caffeine-free maternity tea blend of calming herbs will help ease you into the land of nod. A carefully balanced blend of herbal ingredients renowned for calming the body and soothing the soul. Whole chamomile flowers, lavender, valerian root, lime flowers, rooibos and corn flowers. If you’re breastfeeding – try drinking it an hour before you do the final feed of the evening to give your little one some of its natural, sleepy goodness.

The Final Push Tea

Prepare for birth from 32 weeks on with our raspberry leaf tea and peppermint herbal infusion. Perfect for pregnant women in their third trimester to prepare for labour. Raspberry leaf has been linked in research to shorter and more straightforward births, plus a quicker recovery – an absolute essential for the third trimester. Whilst raspberry leaf can taste bitter, the whole peppermint sweetens the blend and also eases digestion.

Each pack contains 15 whole leaf, biodegradable tea pyramids.
They can be used to make 30 cups of tea or more.

Vegan and gluten free.

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