Morning Rescue Tea

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morning sickness relief


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An award-winning tea for morning sickness.

Whole leaves of lemon verbena, lemon balm, African mint and lemongrass combine with pieces of root ginger for a soothing cuppa. The gingerols in the ginger are soothing on nausea symptoms, and it is the citral in the lemon ingredients that have a similar effect. We only use whole leaf ingredients to ensure that it is as gentle as possible on your stomach.  In comparison to dust and paper tea bags, our biodegradable tea bags, release fewer tannins into a brew, ensuring it is less likely to aggravate your tummy.

Blended to be 100% safe for pregnancy.


Uplifting and zingy – citrus with a touch of spice and a tingle of mint.
We’ve used three different types of lemon to ensure that the sweet, citrus notes are the perfect base to the tea. Lemongrass has notes of mint in it’s flavour profile. Lemon Balm is mellow and warm. Lemon Verbena is sweetly pungent. The combination of these three ‘lemons’ is ultimately incredibly well balanced.
Whole pieces of Ginger bring a warming tingle to the tea.
African Mint finishes the blend with a sweet note.


Ginger root
African mint
Lemon verbena
Lemon balm

Each pack contains 15 whole leaf, biodegradable tea pyramids.
They can be used to make 30 cups of tea or more.

Vegan and gluten free.


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