In this day and age who doesn’t own a phone? For parents it’s a great source of reassurance and definitely my go to for anything relating to my children. Whether I want to know  the symptoms for an illness, dealing with potty training or getting some meal ideas. I could go on, the list is actually endless.

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Over the years, I have come across some apps that I think are amazing, and best of all, totally FREE! So, I thought that I would share them with you, hoping that it makes life that little bit easier for you. I have 6 apps that I have personally used at different stages of my life as a parent. I hope you find them as useful as I do.

   1. Menstrual Calendar

I still use this App, but it was invaluable when my husband and I were trying to conceive. It tracks and predicts your period, when you are ovulating and gives you an indication of your ‘high fertile’ days. It has a very user-friendly interface, so you can navigate around it easily.







2. Development in the Womb

This, in my opinion is the best pregnancy App around. Whether you’re a first-time mum or not, you are always curious and excited to know how your little one is developing inside the womb. When I was pregnant I downloaded a few different apps for information- and quickly deleted them as this app covers everything you need, without being cluttered or confusing.

I loved reading the updates every single day, especially when they compared the size of your baby to food (it really put things into perspective). It also gave a detailed weekly update of my baby’s development, which was just fascinating.

The app gives you tips on what to pack in your hospital bag and what to buy for your new arrival. It also tracks your weight over the weeks and keeps photos of your growing bump. It really does do it all! Highly recommend.

   3. Tracking Growth












This app plots your baby or child’s growth curves and calculates exact percentiles using growth reference data.

I love this app as it caters for newborns as well as older children. I found this app so reassuring as it gave me the confidence that my daughter was growing at the right pace as I had a difficult start to my breastfeeding journey (poor latch due to tongue tie) and was unsure of her milk intake.

Again, this app is super easy to use and it allows you to select which metric units to record the measurements in as well as email your charts, just in case you want to back them up or even print them.

   4. Storing Memories









I want you to picture this scenario, you are on maternity leave with your little one whilst hubby/partner is at work. Your baby has his/her first smile, so, you quickly take a picture and send it to him. A while later your baby is playing on the play mat and just looking cute, so you take another and send.

You get the idea right? This will happen day in, day out. What happens to all these pictures? Well to cut a long story short, they get stored in your photos on your phone, along with all the other pictures you receive or take. You might make a separate photo album to store these pics.

That may mean sifting through several pictures, not to mention the worry of using up memory space. Once you have your photos in a single album, then what, can you comment on them? favourite them? What if you wanted to make a calendar or photo book for the grandparents?

Don’t get me wrong, all these things are possible, but it just seems messy and time-consuming to me! Would you not rather have all your baby’s pictures in one place- a photo and video journal on a beautiful timeline that is simple and organised? That’s what Lifecake is!

My husband and I both have the app and I simply added him on to my account. This way, any time my children do anything cute (biased, I know), I would take a pic or video, add it to Lifecake and my husband would instantly see it.

He could favourite it and even comment on it. The best thing of all is that it puts the pictures in date order with your child’s age, so you really get a timeline of their journey. You can even add additional children on to the app, so now I have an integrated timeline of both my children.

You can also add additional family members on to your account, e.g. grandparents, so, they too can share in your children’s lives. All you have to do is upload the pictures or videos once, because parenting is busy enough. You can even go a step further and order prints, calendars, photo books straight from the app.

I honestly cannot praise this app enough! A must have for any family who want to cherish and keep precious memories in one place.

   5. Potty Training- the dreaded ‘holding in their poo’ scenario





This app is developed by Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust. I came across this app when I started the process of toilet training my daughter, as with most children, she took to weeing in the toilet with ease but showed resistance to doing a poo.

So I watched the video with her, which was very easy to follow and simple to understand and she got it straightaway. She understood that her poo will let her know when it’s ready and loved sending it back to pooland to its family!

I cannot wait to try this with my son when I begin potty training him soon. For a FREE app, I have nothing to lose and better still, it worked!

   6. Holidaying with children

I see so many Facebook posts mention what they could do to keep their young children entertained on the plane. Both our children have been very fortunate to travel abroad from a young age. Our daughter was 4 months old when we went to Dubai, Tenerife when she was 10 months old. We also went to the Caribbean when our daughter was 21 months old and son was 6 months old.

Not to mention on more since- very lucky indeed! For each of our holidays the type of toys or snacks I pack has changed but the one thing I could not cope without is my iPad.

The Documents app is versatile. It allows you to keep files, documents, books, music and PDFs in one place (on your iPad and iPhone).

So, it can be used constantly at home, office, university or on the road, every single day. I use the app to download You Tube video clips of a range of programmes my children like to watch. It is very easy to use; simply find the video you want on You Tube, copy the URL link, open up the Documents app and paste the link.

The app downloads and saves your videos- as SIMPLE as that! If you’re not confident in handling computers, then there are tons of You Tube videos giving you step-by-step advice on how to do this.

The best bit is that the downloads play in aeroplane mode, so, no need for Wi-Fi! In my opinion, Documents is a must have app for your iPhone and iPad! Whether you are going on holiday or not.

Please feel free to leave a comment. I would love to hear which apps worked for you and if you have any recommendations 🙂

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