How often should I pump to increase milk supply?

How often should I pump to increase milk supply?

Pumping helps to maintain a good milk supply as it stimulates the breasts to produce more milk. So the more you pump, the higher the milk supply.

Paediatricians advise nursing moms to breastfeed their babies as much as possible. It is the best way to ensure that babies get all the essential nutrients they need from birth.

Unfortunately, not every mom is able to breastfeed on demand due to various commitments like work.

Thus, in order to ensure the baby keeps getting all the nutrients from breast-milk, nursing moms result to pumping. (more…)

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How To Deal With A Fussy Toddler At Dinner Time

How To Deal With A Fussy Toddler At Dinner Time

Since my eldest was old enough to walk he has always been very particular about things. His cars had to be lined up exactly the right way, he hated any change in his routine and dinner time was just as hard. Then, being turned into a fussy toddler and it started to get really hard.


At first, he couldn’t eat foods with certain textures, then it progressed onto, he didn’t like it when one food would get mixed into another. For example, he couldn’t eat bread, pasta, minced beef because he didn’t like the texture. This then progressed into him refusing to eat anything but chicken and chips. I spent so much time agonising and worrying about him. When I finally took him to our local weigh-in clinic and he wasn’t at the weight he should be I knew something needed to change. I spoke to the health visitor and she gave me some brilliant tips that have really helped and those are the tips I would love to share with you now.


Don’t make dinner time a battle!

When sitting your little one down for dinner and set the boundaries. For example, “If you eat all of your dinner you can have pudding.” or “ I really would like you to try some of ___, if you do you can have a pudding.” Make it clear that if they don’t eat their dinner that they don’t get a pudding. This gives them a reason to try new food or to eat all of their meals. As hard as it is, make sure you stick to it! When they ask to get down make it clear once more that they won’t be getting a pudding and then let them get down.


Give them a multivitamin with Iron

I must admit that I struggled to get a kid’s multivitamin with iron in it for a child until 10 but I did manage to find a bottle of flavored chewable ones from ASDA. Click here to go to the ones I use. I was told by my health visitor that if a child is anemic it can suppress their appetite. I will admit that I have seen a difference in his willingness to sit at the table and eat something. He also loves these. We call them his magic sweet because they make him big and strong.

Use plates that separate foods

I found this to also be a brilliant idea. This helped reduce his anxiety about food touching which then helped him enjoy dinner time. There are some really expensive ones, but I just got these to try. We got two pack just over a year ago and have only had to throw away one. These are brilliant! Click here to go to the ones we use!

Get them involved in making the meal

I got my eldest involved in cooking school at pre-school. Each week they spend time making meals and baking. He absolutely loves it. I know that not all schools and nurseries offer this, but this is something you can do at home yourself.


I simply brought a set of children safety knives from Amazon. These knives are made so that they cut through food like apples effortlessly, but if your child runs it along their arm it doesn’t break the skin.

We love both getting up together and cooking. He has been taught, how to safely use this knife and he loves being able to get involved. It then makes him excited to try foods as he is cooking and to sit down and eat the meal after. Click here to look at the safety knives.


When they do eat a meal or try something new make it a big deal!

This can be done in whatever way you choose! You can clap, cheer, do a dance, call a family member and get them to tell them or all of the above! I loved seeing the happiness and excitement on his face when we got him to show everyone his plate! We also used a star chart for a while, it all depends on what is best for your child. Now when he does eat his meal he comes running over with his plate!

There is something I really want to reassure you of, YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME!

I spent nights lying awake worrying wondering what I could have done wrong and what I could do to change things. Once children get to a certain age, they like to test their abilities of control and they also like to test the boundaries (as I’m sure we all know too well). It’s normal for children to be fussy about food. It’s nothing to do with whether or not you’re a good parent. The fact that you care enough to be reading this post shows that you’re a good parent!

Guest Post by Jade Wilson.


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Tried & Tested Ways To Get Your Toddler to Poop

Tried & Tested Ways To Get Your Toddler to Poop

Is your toddler ready to be potty trained?

Are you recognising the signs that they are ready?

How do you prepare/what do you buy?

If you are thinking YES! YES! and YES! Then have a read here, where I talk through exactly what I did with both my children. They were ready in 3 DAYS!

Now, I consider myself very lucky as both my children ‘got’ weeing and pooping with no problems. So, when I hear family and friends tell me that their toddler can wee but, just does NOT get, going for a poop- I found it hard to give any meaningful advice.

That is, until NOW…


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Tips From Mamas Who Have Been There and Done That…


Lindsey – My son cried saying he didn’t want to poop in the potty! He was 4 and we tried everything from new underwear and sticker charts to promising him a trip to see his beloved Thomas the Train if he would just poop in the potty. But he refused. I finally called his pediatrician who suggested we try having him sit on the potty for 5 -10 minutes 3 times a day at set times. So we sat on the potty after breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a timer and his tablet. And it worked wonderfully! We’ve had a few accidents here and there but mostly just success!

Erica – Any accidents that the child may have say “no we don’t pee or poop on the floor” then take them straight to the potty and tell them this is where we pee and poop. Eventually it will stick and they will learn.

Time & Space

Stephanie – We STRUGGLED with my youngest until I figured out that she just wanted to be left alone to do the deed! So our little code was that if she asked for “pwivacy” I would just step outside the bathroom and wait for her to squeeze in peace. ???? Whatever works!!

Jennifer – If you are able, and not on a time crunch, I think waiting until three years old might make for a much more enjoyable transition from diapers to big kid undies.…/

Katie – When my daughter was little, she would NOT poop on the potty no matter how much we encouraged her. We tried lollipops, toys, had a potty timer and a chart. But the final thing that worked? We gave her a basket of books and simply said, “take your time”. And that was it! She would go to the potty and flip through a book, but on her terms!

Getting Ready

Niki – We gradually worked toward pooping in the potty by allowing her to poop in a diaper in the bathroom. Then in a diaper on the potty. And finally when she really had to go we had her sit on the potty normally until she went…/

Josephine – This is what we did! She did great. Read, Oh Crap! Potty Training by Jamie Glowacki. She literally changed my entire thought process on how a child should be potty trained. ????


Danielle – What we did at my day care was use bubbles (candles at home too). Kids can’t hold in bowels or urine when blowing, so it forces a release if they are holding it in. ????‍


Erin – What brought my son around was good old fashioned bribery. If he pooped in the toilet without accidents for 7 days he got a big expensive toy. We were all set in around 2 weeks.

Crystal – With my two oldest, I used good old bribery. But it worked! My youngest is 1 so I’ll be there again soon ???? lol. I can’t remember what we used to bribe my daughter, but for my son it was a new Mario Bros. Plushie!

Julie – My daughter used to all of a sudden want to play in her room and pooped within 2 minutes of being up there. I had to bribe her with being able to go to school since other prizes didn’t work anymore ????

Jessica – I made a reward kit for my son, stickers that lead to a prize. It was very motivating for my son. For us, it was about setting the behaviour specifically and then positive reinforcement.

Mallory – My son asked to in the potty at 25 months- this was after a failed attempt to potty train him at 22 months before his little sister was born. He did great with pee but poop was hard. We did the Oh Crap! Potty Training method, and I had to go against their suggestion of no rewards for poop. It was still occasionally and he fought hard against it. He had been begging for a train set and so I promised the Easter Bunny (closest next holiday) would bring it of he pooped in the potty. It worked. He started going in the potty as soon as I made the promise! He got his train set and we had no regressions! Leading up to the train set, he still got his sweets and stickers, which lost their appeal after about 2 weeks. We also found a song on you tube (The Poo Poo Song) to be helpful also!

Elisabeth – My son went once on the potty with no issue but then seemed to decide going in his nap time/overnight pull-up was preferable. He loves Thomas so we showed him the train he’d get if he pooped on the potty again like a big boy. Took a few days of reminding him of the train he was missing by going in his pull-up and last week it seemed to click. He has been going on the potty- and collecting trains since.

Ashley – We got a treasure chest, filled it with prizes and he got one every time he pooped, and it worked. On week 3 and now he only gets 1 prize per day and it’s stickers and candy. Hoping by next week, we can slowly start taking the prizes away.

Rohini – After a long ordeal and with help from day care, my son was trained on Day 4. We are in the 3rd week and bribe him with 1 M&M for pee and 2 for poop. And once he’s fully trained he gets a new bed with new sheets and pillow that he can pick…he’s super excited and has been waking up dry most days.


Have you found some inspiration? What worked for you?