Fortnite has become a super popular game in recent years and there isn’t a parent of a young boy, who hasn’t heard of it. Or you are that parent, who has had the joy of being badgered in to buying the game. So, why not go for a Fortnite-themed party, to make for one super special birthday?

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Unique HAND-MADE Fortnite-themed design.

There are 16 pieces in total. 13 make up the HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign, a design sits in between both words and 2 Fortnite images make up the end accents to complete the banner.

The banner comes with 5 metres of white organza ribbon to complete. Simply weave through each letter and hang up- it really is as easy as that.

Thank you for shopping with Arvenna Party Décor- taking the ‘print and make your own’ out of the question

Arvenna Party Decor

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 0.1 × 15 cm

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