Hi, my name is Sonia and I am the founder of www.justonemommysview.com- A parenting & Lifestyle blog.

I am a mommy to two wonderful children and a very supportive husband. I had my son when my daughter was only 15 months old. Having two under two, made me quickly learn how to manage my time effectively to meet both their needs. Not to mention, without going completely crazy myself!

Being a Science Teacher by profession, has meant that I strive on routine, organisation and consistency. This has been no different at home. There are many studies that demonstrate having consistency and routine make children feel safe and provide a strong foundation. Enabling them to be confident enough to handle big changes when they need to. I strongly believe this and not only do I see this in my children, so do others. Friends and family often ask me for advice/support and so this is why www.justonemommysview.com came about.

I thought why not share my experiences with you all, in the hope that I can give you some tips and/or views on what worked for me. From breastfeeding, weaning, sleeping and routines, to name but a few!

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A parenting & lifestyle blogger.
A mommy who loves sharing personal stories, tips and views of her favourite brands with other parents.